Metals Banco Europeo Srl founded in 2002, is registered by the Bank of Italy in the Operators list Professional Gold, over the years has acquired a clear focus and specialization in the import business of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium), as a result evolution of the market has expanded its core business, with the development of the sales network "Exchange Precious Metals", ranking among the leaders in the market, all thanks to strict regulation and technical sales staff constantly attentive to the selections new affiliates and continual updates on market developments. European Metal Bank offers a wide range of services aimed at both private and institutional investors for investment by major importing Gold Swiss and international refineries.

Banco Europeo Metals operates as a dealer and distributor, covering the entire national territory, providing an essential service for anyone who wants to treat physical Gold safely operating with the maximum attention to the aspects of safety, quality and confidentiality: the whole logistics system from the storage the shipment is entirely delegated to primary transport firms: Battistolli - Securpol - Sicurtransport operating outside of society both physically and legally

Metals Banco Europeo Srl

VAT number 025128907895

Registered office in Via Tommaso Campanella 188-88100 Catanzaro

Share Capital € 120,000.00 fully paid

Register of Companies of Catanzaro N. 182845

Bank of Italy: Sign UIC 5004882