Investment Gold

Metals European Tour, offers the possibility to private and institutional investors to invest in gold to protect their savings from inflation, choosing physical gold in the form of ingots. The gold bullion can be of different size and weight, and those with relatively higher price are the ingots from a gram, which can cost up to twice the actual value in gold and therefore do not constitute an effective means of investment. The ingots are relatively cheaper ingots that meet the standard Good Delivery: are the bullion for investment par excellence, and are those traded in the London gold market professional. The gold of better quality (in ingots 99.5% pure or more, and of which compravende only the net weight in gold) has a solid guarantee and perpetual inherent in the status of Good Delivery gold, and it is also the cheapest . Good Delivery Gold is also what can be sold more easily, and at the highest price. This is because the Good Delivery gold is the standard of the spot market, and this market has a much higher than the market liquidity of the coins.

It is interesting to find that investments in physical gold are not all equal. The dividing that an individual who prepares to choose a company with which to work their investment in physical gold should consider, is that the gold purchase should be allocated physical gold. Only an investment in gold bullion allocated can give security guarantees that those who choose to invest in gold are looking for. The physical gold in fact allocated by full possession of the gold that underlies the investment: you do not become creditors of a company or a bank, but simply the owners of the right to a certain amount of gold. 95% of the business associated with investment in physical gold is actually unallocated gold. The unallocated gold account is comparable to a current bank account: you become creditors (not owners) of an asset, and the institution that issued the credit has the right to use the asset for its own benefit. An investment in physical gold unallocated leaves exposed to the risk of insolvency of the institution that issued the credit (a bank or other financial institution), which goes against the ultimate goal of most of the investment in physical gold, or the security of having an investment that is risk free if one is not tied to the current price of gold. The banks or companies that offer the opportunity to invest in physical gold unallocated then sell to their customers gold receivables. The gold that is offered exists only in part, and if hypothetically all customers want to ask for the removal of physical gold, the reserves are not sufficient to satisfy all creditors. Some investors obviate this risk with a compromise: they decide to invest in physical gold and keep private their investment. As it is advisable to invest in small arms, security measures for a bank vault professional are certainly more reliable for investment in physical gold of the most important value. Not only that: the housing in a vault professional may also include insurance and maintain despite all extremely competitive prices. Generally, it is always advisable to rely on specialized operators and recognized by the London Bullion Market Association. The LBMA down the rules for the standard Good delivery, and brings together the industry gold that run the official market of London. Metals European Tour meets all the above requirements: Because compravende exclusively allocated gold, which becomes full ownership of the customer, which is then protected from any risk of failure of the counterparty.

Metals European Tour offers a unique service in Italy, ensuring the customer ease of purchase and without any kind of risk

  • Gold Ingots 999.9 / 1000, the triple-A Golden Age, from 2 grams up to 100 grams
  • Ingots listed by the major European foundries associated LBMA, which produce bars according to standard LGD

  • Transparent pricing which include costs of transport and insurance

  • Confidentiality and security of the entire workflow

  • Repurchase continuing to certain conditions